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We combine powerful AI technology with human assistance to provide non-judgmental support for those exploring psychedelics and altered states.


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Psychedelics Integration Sessions

Connect with a skilled Integration Facilitator, Coach, or Therapist.

Turn your psilocybin trip into beautiful and profound personal growth moments. 

Breathwork Group or 1:1 Sessions

Dive into sessions that blend immersive soundscapes with expert lead breathwork protocol.

Designed to transport you to altered states of consciousness. 

Expand Your Ketamine Sessions

Created with generative AI and personalized to your desired emotional blueprint, specifically designed for your Ketamine trip.

Up to 4h session.

The first person-centered music we offer in our deep listening sessions as been trusted by:
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why us?

Our vision is to provide a platform where everyone who has decided to explore psychedelics or altered states can safely make the most of their experience.

for professionals

provide new modalities

After two years of development and having delivered over 300 sessions in 2023, we are now sharing our knowledge with other practitioners.

If you resonate with our mission, we want to provide you the opportunity to be at the forefront of the psychedelic and altered states movement.

By combining your expertise with our protocols and AI technology, we strive to assist you in creating transformative client experiences.

In doing so, we hope to help you transform your clients’ lives and the world.

AI technology with philanthropic support for research & training from:
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300+ Sessions delivered

Andrew - Human Resource Executive
As a C-level executive, I face many challenges in my job. The Deep Listening session was a strong reminder that we often make our problems seem bigger than they actually are. It helped me change the way I think and was a very personal and transformative experience that helped me understand what really matters.
Jess - Systems Analyst
The integration sessions with Anna provided me with a unique sense of restful ease, which brought many new insights. It was a profound experience that has positively impacted both my personal and professional life.
Melissa - Artist
The session I recently experienced was absolutely wonderful, providing awesome support and enhancing my psychedelic work.

harm reduction & personal growth

how does Healpaths work?

There are two ways to start using Healpaths.

Firstly, you can choose assisted sessions: simply select a session, book it, and we'll seamlessly connect you with one of our partnered facilitators.

Alternatively, you can opt for self-assisted sessions, where you book the session and experience it by your own.


Do you sell psychedelics?

We do not sell psychedelics. Our platform operates as a non-judgmental space for those who choose to take them independently.

Our mission is to combine harm reduction with personal growth.

As the popularity of these substances and practices increases, our goal is to ensure that everyone feels safe and supported in their experiences with psychedelics and altered states.

Who delivers your assisted sessions?

Our assisted sessions are conducted by trained professionals. Upon booking, we'll match you with a practitioner who best aligns with your intentions.

What part does AI technology have to do with your sessions?

We utilize cutting-edge generative AI technology to create or facilitate live, unique, personalized music experiences for therapeutic and personal purposes.

A friend mentioned your group deep listening sessions. Can music alone really induce a trip-like experience?

Research suggests that it can. Advanced neuroscience is beginning to uncover how music can profoundly affect us and alter the foundation of conscious experience. However, we encourage you to approach it with an open mind and without specific expectations.

I've booked a sound session for my trip, what now?

Once your booking is confirmed, we will prepare a sound session tailored to your emotional needs, intensity preferences, and desired instrumentation to enhance your experience. You will receive a link to access the session at the specified date and time.

I'm a professional and love what you guys are doing, how can I join your platform?

Please visit this link and complete the form to join our platform.

2023 - - Healpaths is a spin off project from the team at Dharma5.